What is an online course?

Online courses are becoming the new, favourite way to study! Flexible courses that you can study in the comfort of your own home, why not? For some people, studying new courses as an adult have been forgotten about. With little time, accessibility or flexibility to go to college, studying an online course is the best alternative! With internet access, you can complete a nationally recognised qualification at home and receive a certificate.

You may be ready to start your online course (or perhaps you have already started) and need to understand how to succeed while studying at home! We have put together a list of our top study tips for online courses.

Have a dedicated workspace

When studying a course in a training centre you are in a learning environment with no distractions. But, at home, your TV, phone and Alexa may be too tempting and take your attention away from your studies! Set yourself up a dedicated workspace. This could be a desk in a separate room or at your kitchen table. Getting out of bed and going to your ‘workspace’ will help you to focus on your course and improve your productivity.

Set yourself goals

Setting yourself personal goals will help you stay motivated. Encourage yourself by completing small tasks to help achieve your long term goals. For example, a small task may be completing a module to help reach your long term goal of completing a course. Don’t forget to reward yourself when you ‘tick off’ these tasks from your to-do list!

Plan your day

Use your small tasks to help you plan your day. Planning your day will help to keep you accountable. This doesn’t have to be the standard 9-5 working day. Our 24/7 access portal allows you to study at the time that best suits you.

Take regular breaks

Are you starting to feel tired or demotivated? It is time to take a break! Sitting at a screen for 8 hours is not going to help you study. To reduce strain to your eyes try spending your breaks away from screens! Making a cup of tea or going on a brisk outdoor walk to get some fresh air will allow you to clear your head and re-charge.

Keep in touch

Studying at home can be lonely. You won’t have the social interaction with your tutor or others completing the course like you would at a centre or college. Our scheduled webinars are the perfect place to meet, interact and chat with others on the course online! By involving yourself in our group sessions you will have a friendly, support system. Don’t be afraid to call or email your tutor when you need help. They’re here to support you through your online course.

So now that you know our top study tips for online courses, begin your course today! Our online courses are accessible 24/7 and are provided with tutor support. We ensure you are supported to complete your course at home. Find out what courses we have on offer by clicking here.