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Kickstart your digital marketing career with an apprenticeship.  Our 2018 programme has been designed by digital marketing experts to help our apprentices become digital marketing leaders.

There’s a lot to cover and we encourage our apprentices to strive for merits and distinctions, the way we have created our delivery model ensures that each and every student has the opportunity to achieve this.

Learn to use the latest digital marketing tools and techniques, gain valuable experience and start to grow your reputation in this exciting industry.

The learning isn’t delivered in just the traditional classroom environment.  We adopt a more modern blended learning approach and include regular webinars, support visits to your workplace, online self-study and some informal group work and discussions as well.

Our masterclasses allow apprentices the chance to deep-dive into the core areas of digital marketing and receive insider knowledge and tips from our team of highly-skilled and expert digital marketers.

The Projects apprentices have to complete as part of the qualification will provide them with real-life experience, skills and work which form part of a digital marketing portfolio.

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Are you ready to take the first step towards becoming a digital marketing expert?  Here’s a quick break down of how the course is put together.

10 Steps to Success

Classroom Sessions

Our training kicks off with monthly classroom sessions to get you up to speed on all things Digital Marketing, these sessions will be full days at our Leeds training centre.

Regular Site Visits

The support you receive whilst at work is important to ensure you get the opportunity to put your skills into practice. We work together with your employer to ensure this is the case.

Social Media Strategist

Because we're covering the majority of this qualification anyway, the opportunity is there for any of our apprentices to take the CIW Social Media Strategist exam as well as . . .

Work Based Projects

The rubber has hit the road. Working closely with your employer we'll be identifying several projects that you will be working on and we'll use this information to populate your portfolio.

End Point Assessment Preparation

Phew - We're nearly there, this is where we'll be working together to make sure that everything required is in place prior to your End Point Assessment. We'll arrange mock interviews and gain a reference from your employer.

Regular Webinars

To keep you on track to successfully completing the apprenticeship we provide regular webinars to discuss classroom material and anything else that your cohort may want to work on.

Site Development Associate

As well as the course material we have written, the apprenticeship requires that you successfully complete the CIW Site Development Associate qualification. Don't worry, we're here to help every step of the way.

Digital Marketer Examinations

OK, we just need to make sure you've got the knowledge so we can put all you've learnt into practice over the next few months. A bit nerve racking but you'll be well prepared to be able to fly through the exams.

Master Classes

Here we're going to take a deep dive into each element of the 'Digital Marketing Mix' to further enhance your knowledge so you can up your game with your projects and at work.

End Point Assessment

This is where you'll work on a project under strict test conditions and then attend an interview with your End Point Assessor.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Launch Event

Our digital marketing launch event at The Round Foundry media centre attracted business owners, marketing managers, digital experts and educators from in and around Leeds. As well as providing a great networking opportunity, attendees were able to find out more about the new digital marketing apprenticeship and benefited from a LinkedIn marketing masterclass.

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I’m worried that I won’t have any additional time to do more while in work.

Due to the nature of the qualification, all work within the workplace will be your work! So there is no extra work required. The work you do in the office will be your apprenticeship work but, just like A levels, you will be required to complete some in your own time because, at the end of the day, this is a qualification and a job

How advanced is the course?

The course is a higher level apprenticeship, so it will be challenging, we’ll be teaching you everything you need to know in order to market a business online.

The course is equivalent to 2 A-Levels and alongside it, you will be expected to successfully complete at least one professional qualification – CIW Site Development Associate (and then optionally the Social Media Strategist), which will enhance your training with us, providing you with an elevated view of the online landscape.

Is there anything specific that I will have to do in work?

You’ll be required to work alongside the companies appointed mentor, observing and carrying out tasks as required. Basically, it will be exactly the same as it would be in any new job, only with the advantage of having an in-house expert to advise and guide you and outside advice, guidance, observations, feedback and expert knowledge from the whole Think Employment team.

I have a degree, will I still be eligible?

As long as the degree you have is in a different field, it won’t affect you being able to do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

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