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Karen’s Success Story

Karen Success Story

We’ve asked Karen, a participant in our Skills Bootcamps in Teaching Support a few questions about her journey towards becoming a Teaching Assistant Karen is a testament to the transformative power of continuous learning and professional development. Her journey from being a student in our course to securing a teaching assistant job is a captivating […]

Moazma’s Success Story

Moazma Success Story

We’ve asked Moazma, a participant in our Skills Bootcamps in Teaching Support a few questions about her journey towards becoming a Teaching Assitanty. She attributes her newly found confidence and interview success thanks to the knowledge she’s gained from the program. Having received three job offers already, Moazma particularly credits her understanding of safeguarding and […]

Pete’s Success Story

I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me. Fortunately for you though, I’m back! Have you missed me? It’s okay, I would too. But enough about me! As you can see by the title of this post, this is another success story. Buckle in whilst I tell you all about our very special, […]

Owen’s Success Story

Another success story? Can one company really be this successful? Yes – and wouldn’t you know, a lot of it is owed to our Saviour the Kickstart scheme. Our last success story was on fabulous Matthew, so who is this one about? Don’t fret, I suppose I’ll tell you. This success story is about our […]

Benefits of a Kickstart Role

Hold your horses! I know you want to know the benefits of a Kickstart position, but first, I should probably explain exactly what Kickstart is. For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past 16 months, Kickstart is a government scheme that provides funding for work placements. This means the […]

Diary of a Kickstarter

So, you want to learn about kickstart jobs. I don’t blame you, they’re pretty swell. However, before I get into the juicy stuff, I’m going to take the time to tell you a little bit about my past employment history and experiences. Much like most people my age (22), my first job was through school […]

5 Tips For Brand New Kickstarters

Kickstart Blog - Banner

If you’ve just started a Kickstart Job or are due to start one, here are five tips that will help you make a great first impression and make that daunting first week a bit more manageable. Arrive Early If you’re anything like me, then you can ignore this tip altogether. I’m chronically early, to the […]

Kickstart Blog – A Week In The Life

If you’ve ever wondered what a typical week in the life of a Kickstart employee looks like – then look no further, as one of our employees talks about what a regular working week looks like for them. Tuesday I start pretty much every work day by grabbing an iced coffee from a local coffee […]

Kickstart Employee Interview – Kieran

Interview with Kieran If you’ve ever wondered what it’s actually like being a Kickstart employee, then look no further. Think Employment sat down with Kieran, a former employee to discuss his experience with the scheme, what he wishes he knew before joining, and how his employability skills have improved thanks to the Kickstart Scheme. How […]

Studying With Think Employment Has Allowed Me To Learn At My Own Pace, Build Knowledge And Gain Employment


Marie (Support Work In Schools L2) Marie was originally focused on raising her family, but when the time was right she started looking into different courses. She decided to join a course with Think Employment and reflects on her experience below. Can you remember how you first heard about Think Employment? I was recommended the course by my Job Coach. Whilst looking through my CV I mentioned I wanted to be a Teaching Assistant and they recommended Think Employment. I applied and was swiftly on the course. What did you think of the course when you first enrolled? At first it was a bit daunting. However, I quickly adapted to the course and it was really engaging. I found the topics really insightful and I feel I have a good understanding of how schools operate. Would you say that completing the course has increased your confidence levels? The course has definitely improved my knowledge of working within a school. Soon after completing all my learning, I was offered an interview at a local primary school. I was nervous but felt confident with the new knowledge I had learnt. I was able to answer the questions well and use technical terms like ‘DSL’ effectively. What did you do in your previous career? I worked in retail for 12 years. I always had an interest in working within a school, and it’s only after […]