Christine improved her qualifications with us and now she’s starting a new job

Stockport learner Christine Queenan says “if I can do it, anyone can!”. She’s been nominated as Stockport’s Learner of the Month because of her dedication and hard-working attitude.

Christine came to us in March to complete a Business Admin workshop. She has since improved her English and Maths qualifications and is looking forward to starting a part-time job soon.

She said she faced a few challenges along the way as she had been out of education for a long time so she wouldn’t be used to a classroom setting. The majority of our learning is self-learning so you can work at your own pace. Plus, our tutors are always on hand to help if you need it.

At Think Employment, we always do our best to help get you on the right path and we’ll support you every step of the way. Because we specialise in adult courses, everyone starts at different levels. Whether you’ve got some knowledge in the subject or you’re a complete beginner, we’ll find the right course for your current skills and help you get to where you want to be.

Christine really enjoyed learning new skills such as customer service and hospitality. All of the skills she’s gained should impress employers in multiple industries.

Tutor Meghan said Christine got stuck into her work and took every opportunity she could. She now has a number of new qualifications to add to her CV and can make the most of her new cleaning job.

Christine was impressed with how welcoming and accommodating the learning centre was. “I soon settled in,” she said. “Plus you get to meet other people who are in the same boat as yourself.”

It can be quite daunting when starting a new qualification but we’ll find out what your current knowledge is and start you off at the right level so you’ll have the best chance of passing with flying colours.

“I would recommend Think Employment to anyone who is thinking of improving their skills or just wants to improve their job prospects,” Christine said.

Our main aim is to get you into a job you’ll love doing. If you want to upskill or if you’d like a change of career, our courses will give you a great starting point to get to where you want to be.



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