Danielle Beaumont thinks that she’s got more skills and tools to find work after just five days with Think Employment.

Danielle decided she was keen on a career change and thought our Customer Service course would boost her chances. In just a week, she gained new skills, improved her CV and learnt how to write a covering letter – all of which contributed to making her feel more ‘worthy’ of gaining employment.

This is what Danielle thought about her short (but productive) time with Think Employment.

How did you first hear about Think Employment?

I was on the website Doing Good Leeds and I saw that Think Employment were promoting all the different courses and dates. So I called and spoke to someone about the Customer Service course I’d seen. I’d always worked in Care and Cleaning before and I fancied doing something different. Care and Cleaning jobs were all I had on my CV so I wanted to do something new and Customer Service seemed like a good option for me.

Good for you, Danielle! What did you think to the Customer Service course?

It was good. At first I was really nervous because I kept thinking I was saying the wrong things during the sessions! But as the week went on I felt more and more relaxed. The people on the course were really supportive and the Tutors were very patient. If people didn’t understand something that was being discussed, they didn’t mind going back over it again and explaining it.

Did you find all the staff members to be supportive during your time with us?

Yeah the Tutor Holly was really supportive during the course and also Sabrina sat with me and did job application forms, helped me with my CV and also write cover letters as well. When I read what I’d written back to myself, I remember saying ‘I sound really clever’! But they explained that they were my words; they’d just gave me the confidence to say them about myself. All of this helped to boost my confidence and make me feel much more worthy of finding work.

What do you think to the learning environment we have here at Think Employment?

I think it’s really good. It’s relaxed and it’s somewhere I feel as if I want to learn. I don’t feel pressured into doing anything I don’t want to do and I can take my time with things.

People have said that our learning environment is nothing like school – would you agree with that?

Yeah I would. I didn’t expect it to be like school but I did expect it to be a lot more formal than it turned out to be. I think that’s because the Tutors talk to you like you’re an adult, not a child. They don’t talk down to you and that makes it easier for them to explain things to you, I think. Because it feels as though they are helping and supporting you.

I suppose you’re glad that you decided to give us a call after seeing our listing on Doing Good Leeds?

Yeah I am, definitely. If I hadn’t I’d have probably still been at home right now and my CV wouldn’t be up to scratch! I now feel as though I’ve got more skills and tools to be able to find work, just from coming here. I only came for five days and I did more in those five days than I’d done for myself in about a year!

If you’d like more information about the courses we offer in Leeds and across the north of England call us on 0113 880 0626.