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Our training is FREE to everyone who meets the following eligibility criteria:

Over 19?
You need to have turned 19 as of 31st August in 2019.
EU Resident for 3 Years?
Courses only available to people who have lived in the EU for 3 or more years.
Postcode Check
If you are wanting to attend our Stockport or Ashton Centres you must have a postcode belonging to a Stockport or Tameside Council. *This is not applicable to our Hull, Leeds or Grimsby centres.

If you believe that this criteria applies to you, congratulations! You can enrol on our training courses for free – click here to browse our training courses.

If one of more of the above does not apply to you, don’t worry! We try and support as many people as possible. Fill in the form below and we may be able to offer alternative training methods: