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We offer a truly unique recruitment solution. We’ve brought together our extensive talent pool, education courses and training programs, and employment support services.

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360 Recruitment Service

Stage 1: Discovery Meeting

Before we get down to business, we think it’s important that we get to know our clients and what makes their business tick. Our experienced team will visit you on-site, have a coffee and chat about who we are and how we can help your company with its training and recruitment needs.

Stage 3: Full Job Brief

Next we’d start looking at the nitty gritty of what the roles you are trying to fill entail. If you already have a job description written, this would be the time to share it. If you haven’t got round to that yet, that’s also something we are very happy to help you with.

Stage 5: Tailoring The Training

This is when we’ll get to talk about how you’d like the training we deliver to directly improve the employability of your future candidates. Whether you’d want them to be well versed in customer service and retail skills, have a Basic Food Hygiene certificate or strong IT skills, we can deliver the training.

Stage 7: CV Review

Now you’ve been to our learning centre and got a feel for our people, we’ll share with you a CVs of the people we feel meet the criteria of the role you are recruiting for.

Stage 9: The Interview

Once you’ve chosen the candidates you think will be ideal for your role, it’s time to start the interview process. Our in-house recruiter will coordinate interviews and ensure that all invited candidates are fully briefed and prepare for the interview process.

Stage 2: Needs Assessment

To help us get an idea of what your company’s needs are going to be. It might be that you need to fill positions in your business straight away and you want to find out who we’ve got in our talent pool, or you could have your eye on partnering with us to receive some bespoke training.

Stage 4: Assignment of Account Manager

Once we have ironed out what type of training you need delivering, the candidates you require and what the job role is going to be, you will then be assigned a designated Account Manager, whose job would be to make sure you receive regular communication and feedback.

Stage 6: Recruitment Day

We’d agree a date that suits you and invite you to meet all of the learners we feel meet the criteria to your job description. This would also be a good stage for your own in-house recruitment team to come and 'cherry pick' the candidates that you would like to invite for an interview.

Stage 8: CV Feedback

This is the part where you get to tell us what you think of the people we’ve shortlisted for the role. At this stage, you get to decide on the ‘on paper fit’. Although we’re confident of the quality of our learners, we know that some won’t be the type of people you’re looking for.

Stage 10: Job Offer and Onboarding

After they have all impressed at the interview stage (hopefully) and you’ve done your best Alan Sugar impression to pick the right people for the job, we will help with the on-boarding process if you need us to. Or we can let your own in-house team take over to finalise offer details and sort out the finer details.

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