Functional Skills English Level 1

Looking to improve your literacy level? We’ve been delivering free English Level 1 courses to adults across the UK for over a decade.

During the course you’ll boost your reading, writing and speaking and listening skills, while earning a nationally-recognised City & Guilds qualification along the way.

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An introduction to Level 1 English

English Level 1: Modules & Units

The Functional Skills course will give people the necessary skills to communicate effectively at home as well as in the workplace.

Level 1 is made up of three main modules, consisting of the following units:


Vocabulary and Word Recognition

Understand vocabulary

Specialist words

Finding the meaning of unfamiliar words

Different vocabulary for different context

Grammar and Punctuation

Understanding punctuation when reading

Apostrophes and missing letters

Reading and grammar

Reading Comprehension 1

Reading and understanding

Types of text, their purposes and the language they use

Reading for pleasure

Fact sheet: layout and characteristics

Reading Comprehension 2

Understanding the right level of detail

Finding information

Scanning and skimming



Ways to improve your spelling

Spelling rules

Spell it out – homophones

Grammar and Punctuation

The power of punctuation

Writing and Grammar 1

Using correct grammar: verbs

Building paragraphs

Linking sentences together

Writing and Grammar 2

Planning and drafting your writing

Focus your writing

Choosing language to suit your needs

Writing and Grammar 3

Fact sheet: producing legible text

Using formatting and images in your writing

Using forms

Using lists and bullets in your writing

Writing letters and emails


Speaking and Listening

Listen and Respond

Listening for relevant information

Active listening

Listening on the phone

Following along and responding

Providing feedback and checking that you understand

Speak to Communicate

Speaking clearly

Making requests

Giving instructions

Presenting your ideas

Giving an account

Explaining and describing

Questions and answers

Engage in Discussion

Taking part in discussions

What qualifications is Functional Skills English Level 1 equivalent to?

The Level 1 Functional Skills qualification in English is the same as a Level 1 Award, Certificate, Diploma, ESOL, NVQ or GCSE ‘pass’ (grade D-G).

This attainment level is proof that you can display knowledge in English, while also preparing you for further study in the subject.

Who is Functional Skills English Level 1 accredited by?

Our English courses are all provided by leardirect, the largest provider of skills training in the whole of the UK. The combination of their quality online resources and our experienced and friendly Tutors has led to thousands of people improving their literacy levels at in2wrk since 2003.

Once our learners complete the Functional Skills course, they’ll receive a City & Guilds qualification that’s recognised by employers all around the world.

How does Functional Skills English Level 1 provide useful skills (real world examples)?

Completing a Level 1 Functional Skills qualification in English is a sure-fire way of improving your literacy skills.

Learn to read and interpret different types of texts better, understand why and how to use punctuation when you write and acquire speaking and listening skills and techniques that will help you in your personal life as well as in the workplace.