Functional Skills Maths Level 1 & 2

Boost your CV with a Functional Skills Maths qualification! Whether you’re looking for work, want to get back into part-time or full-time education, or plan to start an apprenticeship, our Functional Skills Maths courses can help. Accredited by City & Guilds, you’ll receive a maths qualification recognised by employers and education institutions.

Our maths courses for adults aren’t one size fits all. Our friendly tutors will create a personal learning plan just for you. Designed to suit your learning requirements, we’ll help you pass your maths course as quickly possible.

Whole Numbers

Get back to basics and learn about working with whole numbers. The perfect first step to your maths qualification that will help you in all areas of your maths course. You’ll cover topics such as; subtraction, addition, multiplication and division.

Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

Percentages, fractions and decimals are common in personal and professional life. Whether you’re splitting a bill after a meal with friends, or working out how much you’ll save on office supplies with a discount card. Gain confidence working with real-life examples of percentages, fractions and decimals.

Shape & Space

Learn about 2D and 3D shapes, and how to work with width, depth and height. Discover characteristics of cylinders, spheres, pyramids, prisms, cubes and how to identify them. Improve your skills working with plans, diagrams and materials.


The devil is in the detail and spelling is no exception. A great C.V., work email or business plan with poor spelling will look unprofessional. Don’t rely on spellcheck, improve your spelling.

Handling Data

Learn how to collect and record data, then represent it using information tables, charts and graphs. Analyse data to find averages, probability ranges, and predict the likelihood of potential outcomes. Where applicable, use information and communication technology (ICT) to help record and analyse data.


Strong communication skills are If you have your sights set on working in a management role, strong communication skills are crucial. Improve your listening and speaking skills on our Functional Skills course.

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