Back in 2015, the UK Government made the decision to reform Functional Skills Maths and English qualifications. These changes are finally ready to be made. The qualification was first introduced in 2010 and hasn’t been updated since, so we’re in for some big changes very soon!

Functional Skills have always been geared towards helping people prepare for real-life Maths and English problems, whether that be at home or at work.

However, the new Functional Skills reforms will now even better meet the needs of employers in terms of the skills and knowledge you learn during the qualification.

As a result of these changes, we hope to see more and more employers and universities accepting Functional Skills qualifications as an alternative to GCSE.

Content Changes

These new qualifications will have more emphasis on the underpinning knowledge and skills needed for working life. Functional Skills has always been about providing skills that can be applied to real life but we hope to offer even better quality maths and English courses due to the changes.

English will have a focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar, without the aid of dictionaries and spellcheck.

Maths will have a focus on general mathematics including times tables, and working both with and without a calculator.

Course Structure Changes

Our learning platform now offers a more in depth Initial Assessment which gives better, more accurate analysis of your current skill set. This will allow us to better advise you on your Learning Plan and give you a course which is tailored specifically to your needs.

The Guided learning hours are now 55 hours (as opposed to previously 45 hours).

Our learning platform has introduced updated and engaging content, practise questions, and instant feedback. They’ve also provided 200+ brand new videos across the board for you to make use of!

In addition, we’ll now constantly evaluate and track progress of learners alongside the course.

When are the changes happening?

Very, very soon! September 2019 to be exact. The last day to enrol on the Old Functional Skills Qualification will be 31st August.

If all of this information seems a bit overwhelming, you don’t need to worry too much. We just wanted to let you know about the changes. These changes won’t affect you but are definitely allowing us to provide you with an overall more effective and excellent qualification.