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“I’ve found the perfect job for me after studying with Think Employment” – Gareth Earnshaw.

Gareth found work with Seabrook Crisps just months after completing a course with Think Employment.

After coming across us online, Gareth knew he had nothing to lose and everything to gain by upskilling and improving his qualifications.

Now he’s not only in a job he loves, but has made life-long friends along the way.

Gareth, how did find out about Think Employment?

I saw an advert on Facebook. I was actually looking to gain my Forklift Truck Licence so when I saw that you offered Warehouse courses as well, I thought I’d give it a try! I was planning on starting a job in a warehouse and needed to get my licence before I started.

Have you ever done anything like this before?

I have worked in a warehouse before and I used to have an FLT licence but unfortunately it had expired. I thought it was a great idea to not only get my licence again but upskill along the way, too.

I’ve never done any courses like this before because when I first started in warehousing, you didn’t really need any qualifications, just experience. I didn’t really know what to expect before I started the course but I have upskilled now which has been a massive help with job searching.

Did you enjoy the course with us?

It was good! It was quite challenging but I’ve bettered myself and the staff were really helpful. The tutor Steph is such a good laugh! It’s nothing like school where you just sit in class and do what you’re told. You can have a bit of fun but you learn lots at the same time.

I even made some friends along the way and we’ve still kept in touch. By doing one of these courses, you mix with people you’d never normally come across and you can learn things from them as well. The fact that everyone was so nice and helpful was a great part of the course.

Do you think the training environment in our Leeds centre and the help of the Tutors has been a factor in your successful time with us?

Definitely. The tutors will always do their best to answer any questions that you have or help if you’re stuck. Everyone is really laid back but they’ll make sure you get though the course.

Have you found employment since doing the course?

Yes, I’m working for Seabrooks Crisps now as an FLT driver on night shifts. I started at the end of January so I found work really quickly. It’s long shifts but it’s worth it because now I’m on a good wage. I’m hoping to get my car up and running again soon.

Are you enjoying your new job?

I’m loving it! It’s the perfect job for me. I’m using a lot of the skills that I learned on the course, especially using spreadsheets and numbers. Plus, I sometimes get freebies!

The course really helped with my confidence in getting back to work. Even though I’d worked in a warehouse before, having those extra skills has helped massively.

Would you recommend us to a friend?

I already have! I told a few of my friends who were wanting to get their CSCS cards about you. And if I ever wanted a change of career, I would without a doubt come back and re-train with Think Employment. Everyone at the training centre makes time for each and every learner. I’d definitely come and do another course!

Think Employment encouraged me to go out and better myself. I wanted to prove myself to the tutors and everyone who helped me by getting a job. You really motivated me to to find a job and I’m happy to say that I’ve done just that.



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