IT Courses for Adults

Do you want to improve your IT skills? There are three BCS computer courses for adults; 1) IT User Skills Entry Level 3, 2) IT User Skills Level 1, 3) IT User Skills Level 2. Whether you need to start from basic computer skills or want to improve your computer skills for an office job, we can help.

IT Skills Entry Level 3

1. Computer basics

2. Online basics

3. Social networking

4. Digital media

5. Digital music

6. Digital photography

7. Audio and video software

IT User Skills Level 1

1. Computer User Fundamentals

2. Security for Users

3. Using the Internet & Email

4. Word Processing

5. Spreadsheets

6. Presentations

IT User Skills Level 2

1. Word Processing Software

2. Spreadsheet Software

3. Presentation Software

4. Improving productivity using IT