IT User Skills Entry Level 3

Do you think it’s time to brush up on your knowledge of online technology? The Entry Level 3 Certificate in Digital Skills is the ideal place to start your journey.

The course content is interactive, flexible and reflects the key competencies jobseekers need to build their confidence and digital ability to be able to apply for work online.

The Certificate in Digital Skills is the qualification for learners who admit to having little or no prior experience of IT. But it also can be a gateway course for people interested in progressing their knowledge further.

IT User Skills with BCS

What’s covered on the course?

During this course that introduces people to Digital Skills, Learners will tackle six specific Entry Level 3 units:

1. Computer Basics

Getting to grips with using a mouse and keyboard

Identifying different types of computers and computer components

Being able to startup and shutdown a computer safely

Navigate around the Windows 7 desktop

Use and understand Files and Folders on Windows 7

Create, use and save Documents on Word 10

2. Online Basics

Understand what the internet is

How to browse on the world wide web

How to use emails

3. Social Networking

The basics of social networking

How to create a profile on social media

Connection to people

How to use ‘Groups’ and ‘Events’

Sharing photos and videos

Following social networking guidelines

4. Digital Media

The basics of digital media

Storing, managing and sharing digital media

Wireless communication

Portable media devices

5. Digital Photography

Taking, viewing, editing and organisation digital photographs

Transferring digital photographs to computer

Printing and sharing digital photographs

6. Digital Music

The basics about digital music player devices

How to use the controls to a digital music player device

Using music player software

How you can purchase digital music online

Playing digital music on a computer

Organising digital music

7. Audio & Video Software

Audio and video recording devices

Recording audio and video clips

How to transfer audio and video to a computer

Using Audio and video editing software

How to edit a video by adding audio and titles

How to share audio and video

The overall aim of this course is to help its participants to use a computer, the internet and digital media devices to improve their chances of finding suitable work for themselves.

Who is the qualification designed for?

The Entry Level 3 Certificate in Digital Skills is for people who need help to be able to use digital media. Research suggests that a lack of digital skills is a real hurdle for someone’s employability but by simply knowing the basics, it can improve a person’s ability to source job opportunities on the internet, fill out job applications online and produce a correctly formatted CV and cover letter.

In addition to the practical skills you’ll receive from the training, this Entry Level 3 course can act as a springboard for further vocational study in the subject.

What practical skills do you get?

Imagine not being able to turn on a computer or use a mouse and keyboard without support? Unfortunately, it’s a real struggle for a growing percentage of people in the UK. But on the Digital Skills course, our learners will get to grips with the basics, so they can use the internet independently and with confidence.

In order to be taken seriously when applying for work, jobseekers need to have a CV produced on Microsoft Word, knowledge of how to send emails to potential employers and the confidence to know which sites to search for vacancies. During this practical and empowering course, we’ll equip people with those skills.

What is a Entry Level 3 qualification equivalent to?

The Entry Level 3 qualification is worth 14 ‘attainment points’, which is just shy of a pass grade at GCSE. However, it does prove that a person is committed to their own personal development and opens the door to further training in the subject.

Who is it accredited by?

All of our IT qualifications are accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, who are the leading professional body for the delivery of IT training in the UK. They are experts in their field and remain at the forefront of delivery and assessments.

What our learners say about the Entry Level 3 Certificate in Digital Skills

“I definitely feel much more confident in myself since I completed the IT courses.” – Amanda Fisher

“I’d recommend the IT courses at Think Employment to anyone, young or old.” Barbara Ellis

“I’ve been jealous for ages of all the things my mates do on their phones with music and social networking so this course was a godsend to me.” – Callum Ambrose

“Think Employment inspired me to complete my IT training and now I have the job I always wanted.” – Sharon Chaudri

“It has opened up a whole new world for me. I feel better about applying for jobs and going on different websites. I’ve even joined Facebook!” – Sean McNamara