Level 2 IT User Skills Award

If you want to understand the essential IT applications used in businesses all over the country and the rest of the world, you’ll learn it in the Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills course.

From word processing and spreadsheets, to powerpoint presentations and mail merges, the course will teach its learners the major skills needs to thrive in the modern workplace.

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What’s covered on the course?

During the Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills course you’ll complete four specific units:

Word Processing Software

Being able to change the page setup for a document

Create, save and print a document

Formatting text within a document

Editing a document and inserting clip art

Understand how to format a paragraph

Creating and editing tables

Importing and arranging images within a document

Adding headers and footers, and check spelling in a document

Sharing data with other applications

Being able to carry out a mail merge

Spreadsheet Software

Being able to open, close and save a workbook

Editing, sorting and moving data

Using formulas to subtract, multiply and divide

Create, edit and print a chart

Using advanced formulas and functions

Customising a spreadsheet

Sharing data between workbooks

Presentation Software

Being able to share and link data from other applications

Starting, saving and closing a presentation

Editing text and changing font within a slide

Be able to add, delete, resize and crop graphics

Know how to use the master slide

Be able to add effects to a slide show

Create and print a presentation online

Improving productivity using IT

Selecting appropriate IT tools

Review and adapt IT decisions

Understand ways to enhance productivity and evaluate success using IT

By the end of the course, the learner will have a sound knowledge of digital knowledge of the main digital skills required in the majority of jobs in the twenty first century and a nationally-recognised Level 2 qualifications as well.

Who is the qualification designed for?

It’s for jobseekers who want to upskill themselves to be able to perform the day-to-day digital tasks required in the modern workplace.

Regards of the sector, whether it’s manufacturing, retail, education, hospitality, care or transport, the skills you develop during the course will help you improve your all-round productivity when you find work.

Being able to display to employers that you’re able to use digital technologies in the workplace is a huge advantage when applying for jobs. Even if you’ve been digitally literate for a while but lack the formal qualifications, simply by having a Level 2 in IT on your CV will tell people immediately that you know your stuff.

Quite often Level 2 qualifications are the minimum requirements in job, apprenticeship and university applications, so it really does pay to get it under your belt if you’re thinking of building on your existing skillset or applying for a job that require further training.

What practical skills do you get?

Having this nationally-recognised qualification on your CV can make all the difference when it comes to finding work. Straight away, a potential employer knows that people with a Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills can create various times of word processing documents, display and measure data without going into a meltdown, build a killer Powerpoint presentation and effortlessly send specific communications to a large group of people via email. This sorts of skills would make you the perfect candidate for roles such as Receptionist, Communications Operator, Customer Service, Personal Assistant, HR Administrator or even an Administration Team Leader.

What is a Level 2 qualification equivalent to?

It’s widely known that a Level 2 qualification is on a par with a A-C grade at GCSE, meaning it could prove the difference when a decision maker is sifting through dozens of CVs to find the right person to fill their vacancy. Quite often, people without at least a Level 2 in particular subjects are overlooked for certain jobs, even if they have previous experience. So having the qualification under your sleeve really can be a feather in your cap and step towards earning yourself an interview.

Who is it accredited by?

All of our IT qualifications are accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, who are the leading professional body for the delivery of IT training in the UK. They are experts in their field and remain at the forefront of delivery and assessments.

What our learners say about the Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills

“I definitely feel much more confident in myself since I completed the IT courses.” – Amanda Fisher

“I’d recommend the IT courses at Think Employment to anyone, young or old.” Barbara Ellis

“I’ve been jealous for ages of all the things my mates do on their phones with music and social networking so this course was a godsend to me.” – Callum Ambrose

“Think Employment inspired me to complete my IT training and now I have the job I always wanted.” – Sharon Chaudri

“It has opened up a whole new world for me. I feel better about applying for jobs and going on different websites. I’ve even joined Facebook!” – Sean McNamara