Kickstart Blog – A Week In The Life

If you’ve ever wondered what a typical week in the life of a Kickstart employee looks like – then look no further, as one of our employees talks about what a regular working week looks like for them.


I start pretty much every work day by grabbing an iced coffee from a local coffee shop (Riverhead Coffee). I’m a little embarrassed to admit they know my order by heart now, though I’ve already got a free drink from the loyalty card they give out to customers. I attended mandatory website training today, in order to familiarise myself with the software we use to maintain the company websites. It was super helpful to see how everything works, even the parts of the website I won’t normally be using. This took up the majority of my morning, so I had lunch and afterwards went straight into a meeting with two other Kickstart employees. There we collated a mailing list and worked on an idea I’d had the previous week about sending out a weekly newsletter to our job candidates. It was great watching an idea I’d had the previous week come to fruition, thanks to everyone’s hard work and input.


I spent the majority of the day working through a new list of job descriptions I needed to write; which meant liaising with companies via email to ask for any specific details about the jobs they want advertised, then writing the job descriptions based on the information they provide and submitting them for approval once the job descriptions are written. This was easier than expected as everyone I emailed was really helpful and it was great to use some of my creative skills when writing job adverts for them. I also had a phone call with a colleague (who works in a different location), to learn a new feature of how to publish jobs onto our job boards.


I continued to write job descriptions today, as more companies replied to my initial email. It was Dylan’s last day today so everyone was sad to see him leave (though everyone was happy about the amount of treats that were brought into the office). I also started to add schemas to the existing jobs we have, which my colleague showed me how to do yesterday. It was confusing at first, but after a few quick messages I understood how to complete the task and spent the rest of the afternoon doing it.


I spent today doing a mixture of tasks: continuing to add schemas to jobs, writing job descriptions, even writing this blog post. I’ve also been increasing my employability skills by working with the Marketing Team to learn how they make ads, schedule social media posts and create graphics. I originally thought because I was a Kickstart employee, there wouldn’t be much opportunity to learn new skills outside of my job, but after only a month I’ve already learnt so many exciting new skills that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn otherwise!



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