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“I think they try and make it more like a workplace” – Connor Moizer

Connor Moizer preferred his time at Think Employment over other training providers because of the learning environment at St David’s Court.

After becoming aware of our pre-employment training courses by his advisor at Reed in Partnership, Connor gained sector-specific skills in both Warehousing and Storage and later Retail – vastly improving his chances of finding work in both industries.

Connor received lots of additional support after his training finished – something the former Post Officer worker thinks is helping move closer to re-entering the job market.

 How did you first hear about Think Employment?

I’m with Reed in Partnership and my advisor was looking at my CV and asked if I’d like to do a Warehousing and Storage course. That’s when I first became aware of Think Employment and all of the courses on offer. While I was doing the Warehousing training, I looked on your website to see what other courses I might be able to do and I decided to do the Retail training course as well!

Okay, so did you think that Retail was a sector you were interested in working as well?

Yeah because I thought if I had skills and qualifications in Retail, I could always move into that industry next. Now, I’ve got the knowledge and know-how to do that. Personally I found the Retail course to be harder than the Warehousing one I did before because it involved more paperwork and practical demonstrations but I still enjoyed it.

What sector-specific skills did you learn during the Warehousing course?

I learned how to pick and pack with a mock up shelf, update a database manually using Google Spreadsheets and pack a box correctly with the proper warehousing manual handling techniques during the Warehousing and Storage course. But on top of those skills we also learned about team work as well, which I understand are transferable to any sector.

Tell us about any additional support you’ve had from Think Employment staff

I’ve had many phone calls from the Learner Recruiter Sabrina asking how I’ve been getting on and seeing if I needed any extra help to find work. Because of that contact, I came back into the learning centre for an afternoon to do some supported job applications. I applied for a job at the British Heart Foundation warehouse in Armley and I got a reply within 30 minutes of sending the application and I was interviewed the following Monday. So it worked!

What do you think to the learning environment at St David’s Court – did you like it?

Yeah I’d say so because other training providers I’ve been to have the learners and staff all in one room together – a bit like when you go to the Job Centre. But at Think Employment you have separate rooms for the different training taking place which allows you to focus more on what you’re being taught. I preferred that over everyone being in together and talking all the time.

And the members of staff – what did you think to them?

I thought they were really good. You can have a laugh with them but it doesn’t stop you from doing the work. It’s not like when you were at school and the teachers were very strict. Here, I think they try and make it more like a workplace.

Would you recommend other people come to Think Employment?

Yeah I would, mainly because of the support you get from the staff. I’ve had phone calls from Sabrina at least once a week asking if they can do anything else to support me and that’s helping me get closer to finding work.



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