“I loved everything about it. It was amazing!” – Juliet Ruejoma

Juliet Ruejoma couldn’t speak highly enough of her experience at Think Employment.

She enrolled on our Customer Service training course to update her skills to help her find work and found the course content ‘amazing’ and the Tutors friendly, approachable and very understanding.

After her positive experience at our learning centre, Juliet is enjoying seeing a boost in her own self-confidence and is feeling empowered by the new knowledge she’s received during her time at Think Employment.

Why did you first come to Think Employment, Juliet?

I saw on Facebook that you were running a Customer Service course and I thought it would be good to improve my knowledge because I’ve never done a course in it before. I spoke to someone on the phone and I came in to see if I was okay to do the training. I thought this could give me an added advantage on what I already know and help me find work.

Did you enjoy the Customer Service course?

I loved everything about it. It was amazing! The Tutors deliver the course so well that you go away understanding every bit of it. And even when people don’t understand parts of it, they always come over and explain in clear English and in detail. The Tutor Holly was really good and she made the course enjoyable for everyone. I would encourage anyone to do it because the staff are accommodating and very professional.

What do you think it is about our staff that makes them different?

I think it’s because you can approach them at anytime and ask them anything. Also they are really good listeners and they will ask questions as well. I struggle with mental health and it can be really hard for me sometimes but the staff have made me feel very welcome and relaxed. Your self-esteem is given a boost when you’re here. I love coming here, I always feel welcome because they talk to you in a calm way.

That’s genuinely lovely to hear, Juliet. You’re not the first person to say that coming to Think Employment is an empowering experience…

Yes I think it is empowering because when you’re going through a lot in your life and your self-esteem is low because you think everyone is judging you and the Tutor says ‘Who wants a cup of tea?’ it creates a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to be yourself. I think the staff here are very understanding of the different issues people have. Irrespective of someone looking beautiful on the outside, you might have something different going on inside your head. I think the staff here know how to speak to people. Even if you’re only here for a week, you feel as though you’ve made a friend for life.

Along with the emotional support you receive, do you think the skills you’ve obtained will help when you’re ready to re-enter the job market?

Yeah because the knowledge you get from them is amazing. Although most of the people who do the courses have lost their confidence, these courses help to build that back up in you. It gives you back your mojo. I thought the Equality and Diversity part of the course was amazing because it teaches people to be more accommodating and tolerant to other people – irrespective of their mental state, colour of religion. We are all human and have red blood running through our veins, after all! The staff also help you with your CV, which is great because I’d not had a CV before I came here. I also know that they help people with application forms when applying for jobs, too.

Juliet, I think you may have already answered this questions already, but would you recommend Think Employment to other people?

Yes, maybe a billion times over! I’ve already suggested that a friend of mine comes along to do a course if she can get someone to look after her kids. She suffered from postnatal depression after having children and some other issues but I told her to come here because I felt so welcomed and relaxed at Think Employment.



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