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Natalie McCormick (Functional Skills Maths L2)

Natalie applied to study her Functional Skills with us to enable her to complete her current course and move onto more sector based training.

Can you remember how you first heard about Think Employment?

I found it through a search engine, whilst looking for a suitable maths course.

What did you think of the course when you first enrolled?  

The process was quick and easy to sign up. Information was thorough, regarding times scales etc. I found the website and course structure easy to navigate.

Would you say that completing the course has increased your confidence?

Yes, it has developed my confidence in maths.  

What did you do in your previous career? 

I worked in childcare settings.

What do you think it is about Think Employment that made your time on the course so enjoyable?

The course was very relevant to life and I found the modules interesting. I enjoyed how it was spilt into modules.

Which areas did you improve the most in?

My overall mathematics knowledge has improved. The main areas for improvement have been shape perimeter, volume and area.

Has the training provided by Think Employment helped with your career goals?

Yes. I am currently a school TA and I am studying the HLTA programme. This is a requirement to enable me to achieve this.


If you’d like to follow in Natalie’s footsteps, get in touch!  We have a wide range of courses that can boost your CV and help you find work. 



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