Specialist Digital Marketing Apprentices

Did you know that more than £2.5 billion was donated to charities via digital marketing platforms last year?

Having a member of staff who knows how to use digital marketing techniques will help you increase your share of donations through online methods.

We offer an 18-month Digital Marketing Apprenticeship that specialises in equipping people with skills needed to grow a charity’s community, boost it’s online engagement and, ultimately, receive more donations.

What will the Apprentice be able to do?

  • Develop a marketing strategy specific to your organisation
  • Attract potential donors to your website through pay-per-click advertising through Google Adwords
  • Keep people informed of your charity’s news and up-coming events via email marketing
  • Ensure your website is up to scratch, mobile friendly and it’s conversion rates are on the rise

Can they work on these projects straight away?

As part of the qualification, Apprentices will work on three projects that will bring tangible benefits to the organisations. This could be anything digital marketing related, including setting up a Google Adwords account and claiming the £8,000 a month you could be receiving to promote your charity.

Who can be an apprentice?

  • We can upskill your existing members of staff
  • We can find you someone new to join your team
  • People with University degrees can do it
  • People of any age can do it

How much does it cost?

The government will pay 95% of the cost of the training, meaning the most you’d need to contribute is less than £1,000 spread out across 18 months.

Also, due to new government legislation, if you chose to take on a new apprentice, you’ll receive a grant of up to £2,000 which will more than cover the cost of your contribution and some of their wages too!

We’re recruiting for a new cohort of apprentices starting in March 2019 and your organisation can reserve a space…

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