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Practising nurse, Kirandeep, plans to apply for university after studying with us

Kirandeep is completing her English and Maths with us so she can study nursing at University.

She was a practising nurse for a number of years in India but due to guidelines in the UK, she is now re-training and applying for nursing at university again. She decided to carry on with pursuing a career in nursing as she finds it so rewarding.

‘I connect with all the patients,’ she said. ‘Nursing is a great for the long term future.’

Kirandeep heard about us through a friend who also completed a course with us. Her friend found the course so helpful, she recommended us to Kirandeep who is now enjoying it just as much.

After she has completed the English and Maths courses, she plans to apply for university and continue her nursing studies.

Because Kirandeep works at the hospital, she is currently attending the course three days per week with flexible hours.

‘It’s really helpful that I can fit the course around my work and children.’ She said. She also liked the fact she could complete some of the lessons at home and can get through the courses as quickly or as slowly as she needed. We realise that everyone has commitments so our courses allow you to learn at your own pace.

Kirandeep has really excelled in her learning and has already completed Level 1 Functional Skills. She will be going on to complete Level 2 in both English and Maths so she can continue with her nursing career.

Rashpal Dhillon, one of our lead tutors, says she is ‘hardworking and motivated’ and thinks she will be more than capable of progressing with her goal of continuing her nursing career.

Kirandeep said the staff are really supportive and helpful and liked the fact they could be so flexible with her working hours. She said she’d definitely recommend the course to her colleagues.



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