What Can reignite do for your business?

Reignite for Employers

What is it?

The Reignite Scheme

The newly introduced scheme REIGNITE is aimed at helping to get those back into long term employment, who may have been hit hard and forced out of work by the ongoing pandemic.

There are plenty of benefits for taking on people under the Reignite scheme for any and all business owners. Firstly, getting motivated and experienced workers into a new field to get their feet wet.

Additionally, it gives you the perfect opportunity to trial staff for 2 weeks without having to spend a penny, while getting to see exactly how beneficial these workers are to a modern workplace, who have been cast aside.

The candidate will receive training in Essential Digital Skills, giving them the opportunity to gain the knowledge they may not have had from previous employment.

You can be assured the candidate is dedicated to getting back on their feet and putting in all they have to prove it. This gives them an advantage to thrive in your workplace, improving productivity.

The potential employee will also be well-versed in how your business operates and the goals it strives to achieve while ensuring an optimal employability skill set.

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