Think Employment learner lands job with McDonald’s

Scott Biggs is lovin’ his new role with McDonald’s and is grateful to Think Employment for helping him back into full-time employment… quickly.

Earlier this year Scott was unemployed but determined to get back into work as soon as possible. After a conversation with someone in his local Jobcentre, he decided to get in touch with Think Employment. Within just a few weeks, Scott got new skills and the help he needed to get a brand new job with McDonald’s.

“I’d heard from someone in the Jobcentre that Think Employment help people who are looking to get back into work,” Scott recalled to us recently.

“So I looked them up online and got in touch with them myself because I knew my CV needed updating!”

Think Employment offer a range of vocational courses that give people the chance to gain new skills and qualifications. Scott liked the sound of the Customer Service training course as it gave him the opportunity to build on his existing skills.

“They told me about the Customer Service course so I signed up for that straight away. It only took a week to complete and I also got a Heath and Safety in work qualification as well,” Scott said.

After Scott completed his training, he was offered the chance of a work trial with McDonald’s, thanks to the new link between the two organisations. He took his opportunity with both hands and impressed his bosses enough to be offered a permanent position. That was back in February – almost three months ago – and Scott is enjoying utilising many of the new skills.

“Much of my role is making sure our customers are happy and that the facilities are always clean and tidy.

“I enjoy the work. There can be some challenging moments from time to time but I’ve enjoyed every shift I’ve done.,” Scott told us, smiling.

Speaking of the part that Think Employment played in helping him back into work quickly, Scott was full of praise.

“I think Think Employment played a big role in getting me back to work because they opened doors for me.

“It’s very hard when you’re receiving benefits and places like Think Employment give you the chance to change all of that,” he admitted.



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