What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The Kickstart Scheme is a government programme which provides funding to companies who offer young people aged 16-24 a 6 month work placement. Companies are reimbursed for all employment costs (the young person’s salary, pension contributions and holiday pay). 

Is My Business Eligible For a Kickstart scheme?

There’s a few key criteria for businesses looking to get involved in the scheme. You need to be a limited company (unfortunately we can not process sole traders applications), or a registered charity. You need to have been trading for a minimum of 12 months and be registered with Companies House. If you meet these requirements, then your business is eligible to apply.

What Are The Benefits of a Kickstart Scheme?

The scheme is especially beneficial for employers; because the grant is designed to reimburse companies for the money they spend paying a Kickstart employee’s wage. There’s also a grant available to offset the costs of any necessary employability training so you essentially get new staff for six months at no extra cost to your business.

What Am I Required To Offer Kickstart Employees?

You are required to offer new job placements and not replace existing roles in your company (including reducing the hours of existing staff). You must also pay Kickstart employees the National Minimum Wage (according to their age)..

How Do I Sign Up For The Kickstart Scheme?

There’s two main ways for companies to get involved in the Kickstart Scheme; either employers can  they can contact a Kickstart Gateway, such as Think Employment, for guidance in navigating the Kickstart Scheme application.

When Does It End?

The scheme is scheduled to end in December 2021; though if a young person is employed on December 31st their job will be covered moving forward into 2022. If any employers are interested, then inquire about signing up for the Kickstart Scheme soon and help get the staff you need to kick-start your business.

If you would like to enrol your business in the Kickstart Scheme, please visit: https://www.thinkemployment.com/kickstart-scheme-for-employers/ or give us a call on 01472 49