What is The Kickstart Scheme?

The Kickstart Scheme is a government-funded initiative, designed to get young people aged 16-24 into work. These positions are all six-month contracts, working a guaranteed minimum of 25 hours per week. There’s a range of opportunities, from education vacancies to hospitality jobs – so no matter your skills, there’s a role for you.

Am I Eligible For The Kickstart Scheme?

If you’re aged 16-24 and currently in receipt of Universal Credit, then you’re eligible to apply for Kickstart jobs! The scheme is tailored specifically to young people in the hopes of finding a job that’s suited to their skills, so as long as you meet these requirements then you’re eligible.

What Are The Benefits Of The Kickstart Scheme?

There are lots of benefits to the Kickstart Scheme for young people, for example; employers are required to offer employability training and ensure you leave your Kickstart job more qualified than when you first started. You’re guaranteed a set number of hours each week, and most employers are flexible about how you want to spread these hours. You’re also guaranteed to be paid National Minimum Wage (according to your age) – goodbye unpaid internships, hello Kickstart Scheme.

Can A Kickstart Job Last Longer Than Six Months?

The Kickstart Scheme guarantees all employees a six-month minimum contract; however it’s up to employers whether or not they want to extend a Kickstart contract. A large number of employers do decide to keep their Kickstart employees as full-time staff, simply because it’s easier to keep employing someone who knows the job, rather than re-hiring someone new. If you’re enthusiastic and hard-working, there’s always a chance of extending your Kickstart vacancy.

How Can I Get A Kickstart Job?

If you’re eligible and want to start applying for Kickstart jobs, then speak to your JobCentre Plus work coach and ask them to start referring you to vacancies as soon as possible. The Kickstart Scheme is scheduled to end in December, 2021 so the sooner you apply, the sooner you can start gaining essential employability skills that will kick-start your future.