Benefits of a Kickstart Role

Hold your horses! I know you want to know the benefits of a Kickstart position, but first, I should probably explain exactly what Kickstart is. For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past 16 months, Kickstart is a government scheme that provides funding for work placements. This means the government funds your salary and also pays for any training costs. All positions are a minimum 25 hours per week for at least 6 months. However, these positions are only available to those aged 16-24 who are currently in receipt of Universal Credit.

The Kickstart scheme has been specifically designed to provide a stepping stone for young adults into their chosen sector of employment, which is something that’s invaluable when it comes to finding employment during the current dreaded – for good reason – global pandemic. Two of the biggest companies involved in the Kickstart scheme are Tesco and Network Rail.

Now we’ve got the boring stuff out of the way, it’s time to talk benefits – and I don’t mean Universal Credit.

Obviously, the first benefit anybody thinks about when it comes to employment is the pay at the end of the month. Kickstart positions pay the standard rate of whichever national minimum wage age group you fit into. If you’re lucky, you may even get these wages topped up by your employer!

Salary aside, another benefit of the Kickstart scheme is the fact it’s a guaranteed contract for at least 6 months. Now, 6 months may not seem like a long time and to be honest, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t. Although, I’ve been working at my Kickstart position for a little over 2 months and I’ve already learned more than I did in a longer time span at most of my other jobs. Not only that, but I’ve also had the opportunity to produce work that I’m actually passionate about. Let me tell you, doing what you love for a job is a gift in itself.

Another great thing about Kickstart positions are that you are literally here to learn. I know how much anxiety can play with your mind, especially when you’re starting a new job, but the people at your Kickstart role are there to help you. They’ll do everything in their power to propel you towards success in whichever area of employment that may be. Remember, a lot of learning comes from asking questions and there is no such thing as a stupid one. Well, unless you’re me and you asked why salmonella isn’t called chickenella if it comes from chickens. Personally, I thought it was a pretty standard question to ask. Regardless – ask questions. Ask as many as you can, because when are you going to get another opportunity like this?

So I’ve explained the more obvious benefits of the Kickstart scheme – the ones that the majority of people would be most concerned about – but there are more benefits than getting paid and learning. I know, more? What can I say, Kickstart really is just that great.

One of the main, shall we say, internal benefits of Kickstart that I’ve personally found is the weight that feels lifted. Being able to work, make money and do what I’m passionate about has done absolute wonders for my mental health. I know I touched on mental health in my last blog post, but with the way that the world is right now, I know all of us could use some extra support with it. Everyone knows how much less stressful it is when you know you’ve got money coming in at the end of the month. I know the phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” exists, but whoever originally said it has obviously never had to choose between paying the water bill, or paying the gas bill or buying food.

Kickstart positions are, like I’ve mentioned before, a brilliant learning opportunity. Picking up new skills and learning how to adapt to different situations boosts your confidence, probably more than you’d immediately realise. Confidence isn’t something that’s just useful in the workplace either, and if you’re anything like me you probably need more confidence than most people just to call the pizza man. Thank God for takeaway apps, am I right? Confidence gives you more than you realise – even down to just finding it easier to talk to people you don’t already know. Personally I was awful with new people when I was younger however being in the workplace, specifically where I am right now with how lovely everybody is, has definitely helped me get over that.

So that’s money, experience, a learning opportunity and better mental health? I know, it sounds almost too good to be true. But I promise you it’s not. There are still so many Kickstart positions open, just waiting to be snatched up. I guarantee you’ll find something there that suits you. Kickstart positions even have the chance of becoming full time permanent roles at the end of the 6 months – my current employer has actually moved several Kickstart employees into permanent full time roles within our business. For those that have moved on, the experience they have gained here has helped them find a permanent job elsewhere. Isn’t that cool?

If this hasn’t been enough to persuade you to look into Kickstart positions, then I don’t know what will. Off you go! Get out there and find your aspirations in a Kickstart role. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it. You don’t even have to do any of the work, because I’m going to give you the link that’ll take you to exactly where you need to look. Don’t stress, I’m humble, you don’t have to thank me.

To get started on your very own Kickstart role, head over to to find your perfect position and apply!



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