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Level 3 Certificate in Principles of End of Life Care

Level 3 Certificate in Principles of End of Life Care

Our Level 3 Certificate in Principles of End of Life Care is an in-depth course that offers a profound understanding of the principles and methods associated with end-of-life care. This course seeks to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and empathy required to deliver professional support, solace, and care during these pivotal moments.


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This Qualification is Suitable for:

Careers this qualification could lead to

Bereavement Counselor

Palliative Care Specialist

Hospice Manager

Entry Requirements

No experience or placements are required.
Laptop or Mobile Phone (we strongly advise the use of a laptop or desktop computer when completing essays)


Government funding is available for our courses subject to eligibility.

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How do I apply for funding for this Qualification?

Government Funding is only available on this qualification subject to eligibility. Please follow the ‘Apply Now’ steps above to check if you can study this course for free!

How will I be assessed?

All units will be internally assessed using various methods, including written assignments and tasks. This will help us assess your understanding of the topic.

Should I Choose a Course Package or Single Qualification?

If you need a specific qualification in order to progress with your career or enter a new industry then we recommend you study a single qualification.

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