Skills Bootcamps in

Data Analytics

Skills Bootcamps in Data Analytics

This 12-week Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of various data analytics tools and techniques that are crucial in today’s data-driven business landscape. 

Throughout the program, you will gain expertise in essential areas such as Marketing Analytics Mastery, where you’ll learn how to extract actionable insights from marketing data to drive effective marketing strategies. By the end of this immersive program, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to excel in the field of data analytics and make data-driven decisions that propel businesses forward. 


Online Learning

Over £4,000

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Weeks of Study


Sessions Per Week

Is there a cost?

Our Skills Bootcamps in Data Analytics are provided at no cost for learners who meet the eligibility criteria.

Employers who wish to upskill existing employees through our Skills Bootcamps will receive a 70% or 90% discount (depending on the size of your company) from the standard cost of our Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics.

What You'll Be Studying..

Course Modules

  • Data Fundamentals Modules A
  • Google Sheets Module B
  • Business Intelligence Module C
  • Database Management & SQL Module D
  • Microsoft Excel Module E
  • Python Programming Module F
  • Career Development in Data Analysis Module Z

Skills Bootcamps in Data Analytics


How long is our Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics?

Our Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics is 12 weeks long. 

How much does the course cost?

It’s free! Our Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics is completely free to those eligible for funding. It’s funded by the Department for Education (DfE).

Is it Online?

Yes, you’ll attend scheduled live lessons, complete our interactive online learning and get online 1-2-1 sessions with your Data Analytics trainer to support you.

I'm in paid employment, can I still apply?

Yes, you’re entitled to complete the course for free if you’re looking to enhance your career prospects.

If you have been referred by your employer, your employer would need to contribute to the cost of the course (paid upfront).

Are the study hours flexible?

Yes, we offer several options for the course schedule and much of the interactive e-learning is self-directed and can be done in your own time.

How will I benefit from the course?

This comprehensive course empowers individuals to become highly skilled data analytics professionals, opening doors to lucrative job prospects and facilitating impactful contributions in today’s data-driven business world.

Intensive Full Time 12 Week Course With Online Learning

Our 12 week Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics is an intense full time course. It’s a 100% online course with live lessons you’ll need to attend remotely.

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You Want to Learn Data Analytics

Whether you're currently in employment or are looking to start a new career within Data Analytics then our Skills Bootcamps have got you covered. Learn the skills you'll need for success within Data Analytics in any industry in this intensive programme.

You're an Employer

Looking to recruit Data Analysts for your company? or would you like the option to create bespoke training to upskills your current staff? Get in touch with our team today to discuss how our Skills Bootcamps in Data Analytics could help improve your business.

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