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Becoming a School Safeguarding Support Officer

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The Role of a School Safeguarding Officer

Every organisation which regularly works with children needs to have a designated Safeguarding Officer in place to ensure that there is someone whose main responsibility is the safeguarding of children and child protection. While everyone who works in an organisation has the responsibility to ensure that the children in their care are safe and cared for at all times, the Safeguarding Officer has additional duties in overseeing the safety and wellbeing of any children involved in the organisation, as well as ensuring that legal responsibilities are met.

School Safeguarding Officer Skills & Requirements

The best way to build on the skill set you need to become a Safeguarding Officer is to complete a Safeguarding Officer training course. 

Not only will Safeguarding Officer training gives you a certified qualification which you can show off to potential employers, but it will also allow you to fully explore the role of a Safeguarding Officer to see if it’s a career you would like to pursue.

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School Safeguarding Officer Salary

The average safeguarding officer salary in the United Kingdom is £27,892 per year or £14.30 per hour.

Entry level positions start at £24,026 per year while most experienced workers make up to £37,953 per year.

School Safeguarding Officer Working Hours

As a School Safeguarding Officer, you’ll usually work 37-40 hours a week subject to term times.

Some staff work all year round while some take term holidays.

The summer term stretches from the end of the Easter break to mid-July.

It includes a half term week long holiday in late May.

This is usually the busiest time, with later students sitting their GCSE’s.

The academic school year starts in early September, with the term stretching till Christmas.

The winter term is a half term holiday, usually a week long at the end of October.

Most schools have a 2 week end of term holiday stretching over New Year and Christmas.

This is the spring term and stretches from early January to Easter.

Easter usually falls on a different weekend each year, so the end of term two-week break can be either early April or late March.

This term also included a week-long half term break, usually in mid-February.

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School Safeguarding Officer Career Progression

With experience, you could become a lead officer, co-ordinating the work of your organisation’s child protection team. You could also work for safeguarding partnerships between local authorities, schools, health bodies, charities and social services. With further training and experience, you could become a children’s services inspector or a self-employed consultant, delivering training and advising organisations on child protection policies and regulations.

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