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Becoming a School Administrator

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The Role of a School Administrator

A School Administrator carries out the administration tasks within a school, such as running finance reports, ordering resources and maintaining records. This can be done independently or as part of a wider administration team. School administrators could be the first point of contact for parents and/or guardians, so may also need to answer queries.

School Administrator Skills & Requirements

To become a school administrator, a Level 2 qualification in administration is usually required unless you are applying for a school administration apprenticeship but even then relevant qualifications can help put you ahead of the competition. If you are set on being a school administrator then getting a qualification in school administration instead of a more general administration qualification might help your chances even more. 

Administration courses often have entry requirements to enrol, the requirements are usually GCSE A*-C in English and Maths or an equivalent qualification. If you don’t meet these requirements we offer some great Functional Skills English and Functional Skills Maths courses that will fit the bill.

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School Administrator Salary

The average salary for a school administrator is around £19,997. The starting salary for a school administrator is around £17,759 but as an experienced school administrator you could earn up to around £25,493, though your wage could vary depending on the responsibilities of the role and the region you are in.

School Administrator Working Hours

As a school administrator you could be working around 37-40 hours a week depending on your school and responsibilities.

The summer term stretches from the end of the Easter break to mid-July.

It includes a half term week long holiday in late May.

This is usually the busiest time, with later students sitting their GCSE’s.

The academic school year starts in early September, with the term stretching till Christmas.

The winter term is a half term holiday, usually a week long at the end of October.

Most schools have a 2 week end of term holiday stretching over New Year and Christmas.

This is the spring term and stretches from early January to Easter.

Easter usually falls on a different weekend each year, so the end of term two-week break can be either early April or late March.

This term also included a week-long half term break, usually in mid-February.

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School Administrator Career Progression

School administrators may be able to progress to senior administrator, either within their existing school or by transferring to another school. They may move into a teaching assistant or learning support assistant role.
You could also use your transferable skills to enter an administration or business support role within another industry.

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