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Qualifcations > Level 3 Understanding Autism

Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism

Designed for learners who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of the condition, and the challenges and strengths that autistic people may experience. This qualification allows learners to progress into a specialism or SEN role for current teaching assistants or will help give your CV the edge over other candidates applying for similar job roles in sectors like education and healthcare.

Our Level 3 Qualifications are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge or take their careers to the next step.

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This qualification is suitable for:


No experience or placements are required
Laptop or Mobile Phone (we strongly advise the use of a laptop or desktop computer when completing essays)

Study Duration

You would need to commit to 15 hours of learning per week to complete this course in less than 12 weeks

"This qualification is ideal in gaining the knowledge and understanding of autism and the strengths and challenges it brings. The need to support an individual who may be vulnerable is paramount and this course helps you to gain an understanding of how this can be achieved. The need for SEND TAs is on the rise and this course can help you on the path to achieving career goals in this area of work - it can also help in Adult Social Care to understand how to ensure a person-centred approach is achieved for autistic individuals and therefore thrive."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you support me to gain this qualification?

Click on the 'Apply Now' button above and follow the instructions to apply for funding. We'll let you know if you are eligible once we've reviewed your application.

How will I be assessed?

All units will be internally assessed using various methods, including written assignments and tasks. This will help us assess your understanding of the topic.

Should I study a Level 2 or Level 3 Understanding Autism Qualification?

The level you study will depend on your previous achievements and qualifications. A Level 3 Qualification is beneficial to those who already have practical experience or those wanting to progress from a Level 2 Qualification. If you have neither of these we recommend starting out on a Level 2 Qualification.

Natasha Sedge
Natasha Sedge
Brilliant Support
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Brilliant support from the team to get you through every step of your qualification. Online portal is very easy to use and learn from too. Very impressed would definitely use them again. Thank you
Obie Lindberg
Obie Lindberg
So Grateful For Their Help
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Have struggled with my maths for many years, but think employment have helped me achieve my qualification, I needed it to get into my nursing degree course. So grateful for their help. I recommend this company very highly.
Taught Me to Believe In Myself
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I have completed my teaching assistant level two and my tutor Christi was absolutely amazing, she taught me to believe in myself when I was ready to give up. Amazing support from start to end and have now passed my qualification
Viktor Mester
Viktor Mester
Think Employment Is Incredible
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I had to do English Functional Skill Level 2 exam and I passed first time. The whole team from think employment is incredible from administration, tutors to examiners. Very professional and experienced. Highly recommend to everyone!

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