How to Become A Teaching Assistant

Do you want to become a teaching assistant? We’ll help you learn about the skills and qualifications that will help you get a teaching assistant job. How to apply for teaching assistant jobs. And, find out how much you’ll earn working as a teaching assistant.

Teaching assistants help support learning and social development in schools and nurseries. The role of a teaching assistant is diverse, creative and rewarding. You’ll help support pupils with their educational, emotional and social development. Work one-to-one with individuals, in small groups, as a whole class and even a year group. You’ll also support teachers with lesson planning and preparation, making and organising learning resources and creating displays in the classroom and around the school. You’ll help support teachers with planning and admin so they have more time to focus on teaching.

What are the duties and responsibilities of teaching assistants?

Your duties and responsibilities as a teaching assistant will vary depending on the requirements of the school. But the common duties and responsibilities for teaching assistants are;

  • Help pupils stayed engaged with the learning and stay focused on the lesson or activity to nurture them to become independent learners
  • Help support pupils social and emotional development
  • Provide support to the teacher when they’re managing the class to manage challenging behaviour and promote positive behaviour
  • Coordinate reading activities, listen to pupils read, and read to pupils as a class, group or one-to-one
  • Monitor and record pupil progress and provide detailed feedback to teachers
  • Carry out general admin duties such as preparing the classroom for lessons and tidying the classroom after lessons.
  • Make learning resources for lessons for teachers and/or pupils
  • Give additional support where required to cover absences, helping support exam prep and invigilation and going on school trips
  • Support extracurricular activity such as after-school clubs, playtime, lunchtime duties and revision sessions

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