Free Business Admin training gives unemployed people valuable qualifications

Think Employment has recently been delivering Business Administration training in our learning centres. Our training helps both unemployed and employed people gain valuable work-based skills and qualifications.

Our business administration course is fully accredited and upon completion. Learners achieve a nationally recognised qualification, either Level 1 or 2.

On the course, we had a mix of ages and abilities who all had the same goal: improving their job prospects. Our Learner Recruiter, Helen Umpleby, who enrolled the learners onto the course, didn’t expect there to be such a variety.

“It was a surprise to me that there was such a mix of abilities that were keen to participate in our Business Admin workshop,” she told us.

Helen was very positive about the progress the learners had made and was impressed by their commitment. A few learners also opted to improve their IT skills.

“I found that some learners looking for office work had no IT skills. Others had little knowledge and some had used a computer in the workplace with limited use.”

One of the benefits of this business administration course was that people who had the administrative experience but no formal qualifications can now prove that they know their stuff!

“Some of our learners had worked in the sector for a number of years. They informed me they were struggling to get interviews as they had no qualifications on their CV to back up their experience.”

Chris Brightmore, who tutored the course, was also very positive about the experience.

“It was good because the learners felt they were part of something special, as did I. We started it together and finished together. It was ‘our’ journey and very satisfying to see them complete the course,” Chris told us.

“Overall, I feel the courses have been a success. A big thank you to all the learners for their hard work and thank you to all the staff that made it possible. One very big team effort!”



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