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“I’ve been offered paid work because of the skills I’ve learned” – Jill Simpson

Jill was reluctant to start her ICT qualifications but now she’s loving learning new skills at our Hull centre!

At the beginning of the year, Hull learner Jill Simpson was advised by the jobcentre to try out one of Think Employment’s free ICT courses however she was very reluctant to do so.

She had done some qualifications with other providers in the past and initially thought the course wouldn’t be right for her. However, after studying with us, Jill has gained a new perspective and has been offered paid employment at the school where she volunteers.

We caught up with Jill to chat to her about her time with Think Employment.

Jill, how did you first hear about Think Employment?

Well, I was originally referred to you by the Jobcentre but to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to coming! I came with heavy footsteps because usually with courses like this, they have you all sat around a desk learning from a teacher and I knew it wouldn’t be right for me. But with Think Employment it’s different. I actually look forward to coming in now and I’m happy to be there.

Now you’ve almost finished your course with us, how have you found studying here?

The course wasn’t what I expected. You can just get on with it. All of the learning is done at your own pace so you can work and if you’re struggling with anything, just ask! The tutors drop everything and will be straight up to help you. It’s not like your usual school setting. I think you’ve got a really good setup.

That’s great, have you found the tutors to be helpful then?

Oh yes, definitely! Especially Tim. He’s very knowledgeable and will always put everything aside to help you. All of the tutors have made it a really enjoyable course and they’ve been loads of help. Because I’m doing Level 2, there have been some parts that I’ve struggled with towards the end but they’re always there to answer any questions that you might have.

You volunteer at a local school museum. Do you think the course has been beneficial for the work that you do there?

100%. I have been volunteering for 5 years now and I’m finding that I can incorporate the skills that I’ve learnt to my daily tasks. I do a lot of admin work so I organise school trips, book in visitors and volunteers, and print tickets for the plays in the auditorium. After doing my course, I’m discovering new and better ways to do my job. Even very early on in the course, I found that I was already putting things into practise at work and in my day-to-day life. They’ve even offered me some paid hours because of the new skills that I’ve learnt here which I’ll be starting next week.

Amazing news! Have you come across any barriers while studying with us at all?

Some yes but if there’s ever any issues, the staff there will be there to lend a hand. I have taken an exam already but unfortunately I failed it the first time. I did feel quite disheartened but the tutors have been really supportive and offered me some great advice. I’ve always struggled with taking exams because I know all of the stuff but when it comes to sitting the exam, I seem to forget it all! The tutor Tim helped me by getting me to relax and take my time though. I’m re-taking it soon so I’m hopeful that I’ll pass this time.

Well best of luck for your resit! Finally, would you recommend Think Employment to others?

Definitely! I’ve loved my course so would definitely recommend Think Employment to learn things that you can apply in the workplace.



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