“I’m now looking at jobs that before I wouldn’t have applied for” – Sandra Plested

Sandra Plested now feels equipped to start a brand new career thanks to her time at Think Employment.

After working for more than 20 years in accounts, Sandra has completed three sector-specific courses, boosted her CV and improved her chances of finding work again. But on top of all of this, Sandra believes her ‘spark’ has returned!

Here’s what Sandra had to say about our courses, the learning environment at St David’s Court and the ‘lovely’ people she encountered on a daily basis.

 Can you remember how you first heard about Think Employment?

An advert for a Business Administration course popped up on my Facebook feed and it was something I wanted to do. Unfortunately, the first time I saw it, I couldn’t do the training but then I signed on with Reed in Partnership and the Business Administration course was advertised on their wall, so she rang up and I got the last place in the group which started in January.

When you finally got to do the Business Admin course what did you think to it?

I loved it. I didn’t think that I would because I have an admin background but it’s accounts based and I wanted something to put on my CV to show that. I remember thinking that I was going to be a bit bored because I knew most of this but there were lots of things in the admin role I didn’t know that I do now. I loved the whole week. Holly was a great tutor. We had a mixed bunch of students – all different ages and abilities – and we all thoroughly enjoyed that week. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for two more courses!

You must have had a good time on the course then, Sandra! Which others courses did you do with us?

I did Customer Service and then moved on to Customer Service Plus and loved every minute of both of them. Holly was my tutor for all three of the courses and she’s been great. We were all learning but she made it a really relaxed atmosphere. We were all allowed our own opinions. But she made the training lots of fun. We were all treated as individuals and she made time for everyone in the group – regardless of their different levels.

Would you say that your confidence level has changed since you came to us at the start of the year?

I have been told that my spark has returned! So yes, I definitely would say that my confidence has returned. And I’m now looking at jobs that before I wouldn’t have applied for – like receptionist jobs. That was never ‘me’. But I’ve just done the Customer Service course and people have told me that I’m bright, bubbly and helpful… so I’m going for it!

What did you do in your previous career?

I was a Purchase Ledger Assistant and that’s all I’ve done for the last 20-plus years! I literally went into an office as a general administrator, spent a little time in Sales but I didn’t like that, then I got asked if I’d like to do the Purchase Ledger and that’s how I ended up doing that role for so long. But I don’t want to do it anymore. So I needed something else on my CV other than just accounts – now I’ve got it.

What do you think it is about Think Employment that made you enjoy your time so much?

All of the staff here are really approachable. It doesn’t matter which member of staff you go and speak to, they all seem to know my name and have time for me. I’ve not been to any other training providers before but I’ve heard that you can go in and it’s like being back at school. Here it’s just a really nice place to come and the building is really nice too.

What would you say you’ve enjoyed most about your time at Think Employment?

My CV is more enhanced because I’ve now got more skills than before and I’ve found out that I’m not as daft as I thought I was! And it’s a really nice atmosphere here. The staff and the students are a lovely bunch of people, I’ve got on really well with them all and had a good laugh along the way.



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