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How to Find a Job Online

Are you looking for a job?

Are you struggling to find one? Do you know where to begin looking? We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity and knowledge to search for a job online!

Online Job Boards

We are pretty confident you would have heard of either Indeed or CV-Library. These are two of the most popular online job boards used by job seekers across the UK. Online job boards list a variety of jobs currently available. You can filter your search by sector, area and skill level. You also have the option to upload your CV to their website so you can apply for jobs with the click of a button!

Company Websites

Many companies also list their job vacancies on their website. Searching and applying for jobs on company websites is more personal than using a job board. You’re likely to email your CV directly to a named person rather than through Indeed. While you’re on their website, you can also find out more information about the company. You can use this to your advantage by applying the relevant skills to your CV.

Google Alerts

An easier way to keep updated with new job postings online is by using Google Alerts. Google Alerts allows you to set up an email notification for a specific search term. For example, if you set up notification alerts for ‘Think Employment Jobs’ you would get an email to alert you of the new posting! It’s a great way to ensure you are aware as soon as a job is posted, rather than seeing it a few days later.

Social Media

Social media has endless possibilities to help you find a job online. The most common social media app to use is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. You can connect with individuals, employers and apply for jobs. It is also a place where employers and recruiters can find you!

Twitter is also a popular platform where people use to find jobs. The National Careers Service set up monthly Jobs Hour’s to advertise training and job opportunities. Employers use the hashtag #JobsHour to post jobs on social media. To make sure you know when the next jobs hour is for your location, follow @nationalcareers on Twitter!

Facebook is now becoming a job search platform too. On the ‘Jobs on Facebook’ page, you can search for jobs in your area and within specific industries. Facebook job groups are also becoming more popular. Job seekers are joining local and nationwide groups where members post job opportunities. The job search community on Facebook is very supportive!

GOV Website

The GOV website is a secure, online portal. You can create an account, search for jobs and apply all within one place. This portal also allows you to set up email alerts to your email address linked to your account.



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