“Learning with Think Employment has helped my confidence and overall it was a positive experience”.

Larissa with certificate

Larissa Proudlove (Support Work in Schools L2)

Larissa gained more knowledge of working within a school and has now gained an Apprenticeship!


Can you remember how you first heard about Think Employment?

I first heard about Think Employment through my work coach at the Job Centre.


What did you think of the course when you first enrolled?

I was excited to begin this new journey and found everything easy to access.


Would you say that completing the course has increased your confidence?

The courses that I completed through Think Employment helped with my confidence. I received helpful feedback from my tutor and found the online group sessions an enjoyable and positive experience.


What did you do in your previous career?

I worked in a food factory.


What do you think it is about Think Employment that made your time on the course so enjoyable?

I enjoyed the welcoming and positive experiences that I received from my tutors and from other students. I enjoyed the number of resources that were available to assist with my learning and gained the knowledge I required for my future career successfully.


Which areas did you improve the most in, during your time on the course?

I developed more understanding about the developmental stages regarding children, the different types of schools that are available, as well as the outside professionals that can work alongside a school to help the children with their development. I gained a better understanding of the important legislation that educational establishments must follow and how important my role will be when working in a school.


Has the training provided by Think Employment helped with your career goals?

The training that I have received has helped me work towards my career goals. When I applied for an apprenticeship within a child day-care, the knowledge that I had gained prior to my interview, helped me successfully gain my employment and my apprenticeship. I am now continuing to extend my knowledge and I am happy that my career is beginning.


If you’d like to follow in Paula’s footsteps, get in touch!  We have a wide range of courses that can boost your CV and help you find work. 




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